Qt SDK Updates, now with better Qt Component support

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For those of you in the know, the Qt SDK has just been released on developer.nokia.com. However, as itt might not have grasped your attention, there is also an online update that adds better support for MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan to the SDK.

One very useful thing that has been added is support for the Harmattan Qt Components in the Qt Simulator, so now you can do more without the need to access a device. Here is a screenshot of the template Qt Quick component application running on a Windows 7 environment.

Qt Components running inside the Qt Simulator

Qt Components running inside the Qt Simulator

I have been reliably informed that the Qt Components now also work on the desktop. So what are you waiting for? Start updating your Qt SDK now.


MeeGo on an N900

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For those of you who have not been following the MeeGo on the N900, MeeGo has been ported to the device.  Being a cynic, I waited until I got it to work before posting about this activity.  It is not that difficult to get the MeeGo Handset UX on the device, but it may take some additional massaging (in my case I needed to flash the kernel twice).  Here is a screenshot in glorious technicolor:

There are good instructions here.  I took the easy approach and just downloaded the proprietary ready-made images from tablets-dev, used the windows 32 diskimager to write to the MicroSD card, and a linux laptop to flash the kernel.  I am sure there is an easier approach, but this one worked for me.

Ari Jaaksi’s key note at the Linux Collaboration Summit

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Hi all,

Ari just delivered a key-note “MeeGo: A Free & Standard Linux OS for the Mobile Industry” and he pushed two major themes: user experience and openness.  The other thing made very clear was that the Meego platform will be more attractive to application developers, with better tools etc. to make their lives easier.

Another interesting tit-bit is his Meego to-do list:

  1. Develop in the open: This really means release code earlier than products.  This means that if you connect the dots, you can reverse architect the product characteristics, and can make your own decisions and change if you want it.
  2. Product quality and focus: For a phone there is a surprising amount of effort goes into finalization, it is a lot of work.  We need to focus on quality, it is getting easier as more people join the project.
  3. Keep governance simple: This should be based on contribution, and not a political committee.  We need it to be simple.
  4. Help others to join Meego: We have not been so good so far, this is changing with more people onboard.
  5. Move fast: Push code out earlier than we feel comfortable.

Other issues were mentioned regarding governance, etc. Basically the issue is that we are starting now and are heavily reliant on Intel/Nokia at the moment, but this will change over time as more companies will join (and a lot just did  see here).


Hello community!

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Well hello, today is the first day in a public coporate role, it also the first day of spring so I am quite optimistic.  I have now become Nokia’s Maemo Developer Advocate.

I have been watching the growth of Maemo for many years, from its first early days as a small project in Nokia to the release of the first handset.  Unfortunately, my work has steered me away until recent, so until last year I never really knew just now much fun Maemo development actually is.

I have just come from Maemo software development, where I have been brushing up on my C++ skills and getting into scratchbox/Qt/QtCreator coding.  I am a long-time Nokian, and I have spent many years in applied research, and in product development.  By background contains elements of audio engineering, multimodal multimedia, CORBA, distributed systems, embedded component based software and medical software.

As a developer advocate my role is to support the developer ecosystem and help guide Nokia’s contribution, for the benefit of both.  So, my goal is to listen, and to understand the issues, pain points, good things, etc. and investigate how Nokia can help.

Any suggestions on how to do this are welcome.

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