Simple Morse Player for the N950, now for the N9 and submitted to Store.

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Store Submission done!

Well, I thought I would share my code with the world by putting the application on the Nokia Store. This was pretty easy once I had cleaned up the code a bit.

The big thing for me was placing the qml files inside the binary. The files where put inside a resource file, and the QmlApplicationViewer setMainQmlFile function hacked to remove the adjustPath function call, and to use a QUrl instead of a local file.

void QmlApplicationViewer::setMainQmlFile(const QString &file)
    d->mainQmlFile = file;

Then the main.cpp needed to be changed to point to the resource file;


Additionally, I created a configuration file for linking the application to the resource management framework:

[classify media]

And altered the .pro file to install this file into the right location on the device:

contains(MEEGO_EDITION,harmattan) {
    desktopfile.files = $${TARGET}.desktop
    desktopfile.path = /usr/share/applications
    rsrc_config.files = morseplayer.conf
    rsrc_config.path = /usr/share/policy/etc/syspart.conf.d
    INSTALLS += desktopfile rsrc_config

To make things proper I also did some editing to the debian packaging tools, see the source code for more information.

Once the software was ready, it was time to put it in the Store. So after quickly running through the quality criteria, I started the publish process.

For those of you who will do this later, you will need a screenshot in two formats square, and in the N9 resolution. I created the screenshot using the screenshot tool, and then made it square using GIMP. The Store also wants a 256×256 icon, this I created using GIMP and scaling up the application icon.

The rest of the information is pretty straightforward:
1. A web site (this blog)
2. A maintainer email (my own)

And then it is there.
Here is the source code.

Now all I have to do is wait for Store QA to get back to me.


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