Ari Jaaksi’s key note at the Linux Collaboration Summit

April 14, 2010 at 9:39 pm | Posted in Information, Software Development | 1 Comment

Hi all,

Ari just delivered a key-note “MeeGo: A Free & Standard Linux OS for the Mobile Industry” and he pushed two major themes: user experience and openness.  The other thing made very clear was that the Meego platform will be more attractive to application developers, with better tools etc. to make their lives easier.

Another interesting tit-bit is his Meego to-do list:

  1. Develop in the open: This really means release code earlier than products.  This means that if you connect the dots, you can reverse architect the product characteristics, and can make your own decisions and change if you want it.
  2. Product quality and focus: For a phone there is a surprising amount of effort goes into finalization, it is a lot of work.  We need to focus on quality, it is getting easier as more people join the project.
  3. Keep governance simple: This should be based on contribution, and not a political committee.  We need it to be simple.
  4. Help others to join Meego: We have not been so good so far, this is changing with more people onboard.
  5. Move fast: Push code out earlier than we feel comfortable.

Other issues were mentioned regarding governance, etc. Basically the issue is that we are starting now and are heavily reliant on Intel/Nokia at the moment, but this will change over time as more companies will join (and a lot just did  see here).



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  1. hi maclaver,
    haven’t seen you around many of the usual community haunts too often but I’m sure that will change.

    regarding your 5 points,

    (1) in #maemo we have a good number of active community projects ongoing which are both shining beacons of community participation and pushing the boundaries of what this device is capable of. from the magnificent community drive fmms to other specialist applications like facebrick, battery monitor and the cool investigation work being done in pyqt with healthcheck.
    those are just a few of the currently cool apps, more and more developers are joining in and trying to build their key applications every day – theres a lot of the linux hacker spirit around.
    these are just the few, but in each community participation and help have advanced them in ways most closed groups could have achieved in the time.

    (2) as part of the fremantle application framework team, I know this is extremely important and finding the balance between the many directions and uses the device is handling is a tricky problem with many twists and turns.

    (3) yes, it has to be streamlined, developers working hard in the community gaining the respect of their peers are vital to the whole ecosystem.

    (4) the hacker spirit comes here, success breeds success and the more and more solid polished reliable integrated components we have on the platform the better.
    open source is about choice and some will always prefer their way of working or their types of applications – the n900 currently is an inclusive platform supporting developers from a wide range of frameworks from tiny scratch itching applications to fully developed multi-purpose frameworks with huge skyscrapers of applications.

    (5) no need to rush! take considered steps and integrate carefully, a game of speed chess may result in wildly unpredictable results.
    release early/release often is simple enough for standard applications, it gets trickier when trying to align a change (even a minor one) effecting the whole operating system.

    of course, we see shades of (5) when looking at pr1.2 and how long it has taken to date but to answer (2) correctly this period was inevitable.

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